Man caught ‘chopping girlfriend’s body’ after ‘she tried to cut his balls off’

A man has been caught chopping up his girlfriend’s body after she tried to cut his testicles off.

Nicholas Scurria, 32, was arrested by police officers in Philadelphia, USA, after they found him dismembering a woman’s body.

Cops initially went to the residence in Willow Apartments, South Springfield Road, on Friday, February 11, after getting a report of a domestic dispute there.

According to local radio stations KYW-AM/FM a neighbour reportedly “heard screaming next door, then rustling plastic and sawing sounds.”

Scurria ignored the cops at the door, so the officers peered through a window and were dismayed at the gory scene inside.

They claim to have seen Scurria chopping up a woman’s body, so they kicked in the door, arrested the man and declared the woman already dead.

Clifton Heights Police Department Chief Tim Rockenbach said she was already deceased when the suspect allegedly attempted to remove her head, having suffered a “severe trauma to the head and neck.”

Police recovered a large knife from the scene of the crime but would not immediately confirm whether the knife was also the murder weapon.

Multiple other weapons were also recovered from inside the apartment.

Police are not yet releasing the woman’s details apart from saying she was in her 50s and had been in a relationship with the suspect and were living together.

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Chief Rockenbach said the responding officers who witnessed the attempted beheading would receive counselling from a mental health professional and added: “I’ve been an officer for 32 years, this is absolutely horrible.

“I don’t even know what words I could describe to you how actually incredibly insane this is.”

The police said officers caught Scurria trying to “cut the victim’s leg,” WPVI reports.

“Police saw the woman’s decapitated body with rolled-up plastic nearby. I believe the intent was obviously to hide the crime.”

Charging documents obtained by the radio station say the defendant blurted out: “She tried to cut my balls off”, as he was led to a patrol car.

Pennsylvania District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer said that Scurria felt the victim was “a threat to his masculinity.”

He said: “His actions were cowardly as well as evil and he will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.”

The defendant allegedly admitted to the police that he knocked the victim unconscious “after hitting her repeatedly in the head” and that he tried to get rid of the body KYW radio reported.

The 32-year-old was charged with first-degree murder, third-degree murder, possession of an instrument of crime with intent and abuse of a corpse, with a preliminary court set for February 22.

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