Mafia sisters set up a fake beauty salon to deal cocaine and heroin

A pair of gangster sisters who ran a drug-smuggling operation through a beauty salon have been jailed along with 15 accomplices.

Shazia Din, 42, moved heroin and cocaine from Bury, Greater Manchester, around South Yorkshire with her sister, Abia Din, 45.

The mob siblings laundered hundreds of thousands of pounds through a fake beauty salon, The Beauty Booth.

Together with Shazia's partner, Peter Wrafter, 57, and a network of couriers, the pair trafficked class A drugs in bulk across the country.

The crooks recruited drug addicts and people who owed money to dealers as couriers to carry drugs across Greater Manchester and Yorkshire.

But their criminal empire was thrown into disarray when Wrafter was handcuffed after being pulled over by cops with a gun, bullets, cash and drugs in his car in January 2019.

A raid of Wrafter's house found 26 kilos of amphetamines, a kilo of heroin and several encrypted burner phones.

After his arrest, Shazia promoted her son Hassan, 21, as kingpin of the gang, while Wrafter's daughter Natalie, 31, inherited her dad's role.

Prosecutor Andrew Ford told Manchester Crown Court: “Natalie would source class A drugs on a wholesale amount for onward supply in Doncaster, contact was then made with Shazia and the North West, then couriers would be set up sometimes from Manchester and sometimes from Doncaster,” MEN reports.

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A month after Wrafter was jailed, Shazia Din and Natalie Wrafter were spotted exchanging thousands of pounds of drug money in the car park of Doncaster Prison, just before paying him a visit.

In March 2020, cops raided a flat in Bury which the villain sisters used as a "safehouse" to prepare and distribute drugs.

The flat contained £66,000 in cash, a kilo of cannabis, scales and a vacuum-packing machine.

More drugs were seized at a garage in Manchester, including 1.5 kilos of heroin, as well as scales and a hydraulic press to prepare drugs in bulk.

A police probe into the gang led to 20 arrests and 17 people were jailed for their part in the drug trafficking operation.

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