Mafia offers compensation after killing wrong bloke and dissolving body in acid

After a man was brutally murdered and his body was dissolved in acid, Mafia bosses have offered cash compensation to his parents because they had killed the wrong man.

Builder Giulio Giaccio was shot dead in Naples in 2000. His teeth were smashed with a hammer to prevent identification from dental records and the hitmen then dissolved the 26-year-old’s flesh with acid.

But Mafia chieftains Salvatore Cammarota and Carlo Nappi later admitted that they’d got the wrong man.

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Giaccio had never been involved in organised crime, and didn’t even have a criminal record. The crime went unsolved for over 20 years, until an informant from the Polverino crime family named Cammarota, 56, and Nappi, 64.

Days before their case went to trial, the pair each offered Giaccio’s parents €30,000 (about £26,000) as compensation for the loss of their son. To further sweeten the deal Cammarota added a flat in Naples that has been valued at around €120,000.

Alessandro Motta, a lawyer representing the victim’s family, explains that the mobsters had a good reason for doing it: “Under Italian law, you can get a third off your sentence if you pay compensation for a crime”.

He said that the hitmen had snatched Giaccio simply because he’d been in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Motta said: “Killers sent by the bosses showed up dressed as police officers and ordered the man into their car but they had got Giaccio by mistake.

“The last thing he said was, ‘Officer, you’ve made a mistake, I came from a good family,’ before they shot him once in the head”.

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He added: “When the bloodstained body was driven to Cammarota he pulled it out of the car and kicked and punched it, before they smashed Giaccio’s teeth in case the acid they dissolved his body in didn’t dissolve his teeth”.

They then dumped his mutilated remains on waste ground on the outskirts of Naples.

The informer, a former Mafia hitman named Roberto Perrone, told police it had been “the darkest” moment of his criminal career.

Giaccio’s family has already turned down the crime bosses’ offer: “They want the stiffest sentence for the protagonists of this horrible crime,” Alessandro Motta said, “above all because they never had their son’s body to cry over”.


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