Loyal dog follows owner’s wedding convoy for six miles in adorable send-off

A loyal dog has been spotted running beside his owner's wedding convoy for six miles in a heartwarming send-off.

The unusual scene was captured as the bride, Fu Xi, headed to the groom's house in a village in the city of Xiangtan, Hunan province in central China on Tuesday, December 8.

Footage posted by the wedding planner captures Fugui waiting for his owner by the village entrance. He then starts following her car during its procession.

The yellow pooch runs along the white Audi for more than six miles until the car stops at the groom's house.

At one point, the convoy stops and Ms Fu's parents open the door to let Fugui jump in but the loyal pet refuses and carries on running alongside.

A guest told local media Cover News: "It's quite unexpected, the dog just showed up and started running next to the convoy.

"It kept running for about 20 minutes and I think it got tired at the end when we were near the groom's house.

"The two places are like 10km apart."

The wedding planner said Fugui went back home on the same day.

In another video posted a day after the wedding, the bride revisits her home where Fugui greets her with excitement.

Ms Fu explains that she has raised Fugui for two years.

Viewers were left with joyful tears when they realised how loyal a pet can be to their human friend.

One said: "Dogs are really our best friend and they spend their lives with their owners. Please treat him well!"

"I cry every time I watch this," another commented. "This is so touching."

A third wrote: "The dog is trying to remember the route so he can go visit his owner in the future!"

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