Loyal dog dies of a broken heart days after owner killed in fatal car crash

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    A loyal pet dog has died of heartbreak after her owner was killed in a hit-and-run by a lorry driver.

    Alma Adriana Alonso Ocanas, 22, was driving back from university when the large vehicle smashed into her car in Hualahuises in the state of Nuevo León, Mexico, her grief-stricken family revealed.

    Her friend, Raquel Guadalupe Ochoa Villanueva, 21, was also killed in the fatal crash on May 6.

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    And Alma's death now isn't the only tragedy to have befallen the family as her pet dog, Camila, died of a broken heart shortly after her owner lost her life.

    The much-loved pooch "couldn't stand so much sadness" and, after visiting her owner's grave, lost the will to live, according to local media.

    Alma Delia Ocanas Cantu, the victim's mother, took to social media to share the sad tale.

    "My girl, this morning your dog Camila died," the anguished mother wrote.

    "Camila couldn't stand so much sadness. Yesterday they took her to say goodbye to you, she saw her eyes with deep sadness. Oh, my God, I can't handle that much."

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    Other family members were also quick to chime in with their own tributes to the young student and her beloved canine.

    Alma's grandmother, Enedelia Cantu Garza, added: "My girl, you took your dog, I can't stand your absence, RIP Camila, so much unbearable sadness."

    Alma was an accountancy student at the Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León (UANL) when the trailer of a lorry crashed into her silver Ford Focus.

    Fellow victim Raquel was also studying at the same institution.

    Another woman, named in local reports as Elena Pena, 21, was admitted to a hospital in nearby Linares with serious injuries.

    Police are now on the hunt for the lorry driver, who is understood to have fled the scene following the fatal crash.

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