Lotto rapist dubbed UKs most hated millionaire spent cash on mansion and art

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    The lotto winning rapist dubbed "Britain's most hated millionaire" spent his cash on a luxury house and Picasso artwork.

    Sex offender Iorworth Hoare, who is celebrating his 71st birthday tomorrow (April 15), won a £7.2m jackpot on weekend leave from a life sentence and was granted full access to his funds after a protracted legal dispute, reports the Mirror.

    Hoare spent his cash on property, office space and antiques, and was soon raking in the cash from his investments – even after one of his victim's daughters urged him to give his millions to charity.

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    Shirley Woodman, who died in 2022, won her claim against her attacker 20 years ago, after he attempted to rape her as she walked through Roundhay Park, Leeds, back in 1998.

    Shirley was awarded £50,000 in damages, paid by Hoare, which she donated in its entirety to charity, according to daughter Shelley Wolfson.

    Ms Wolfson, 57, said: “She gave all the money away to charity – and it is what he should be doing with his money.”

    But the plea fell on deaf ears and instead, Hoare invested his money and even bragged to friends that he was worth an eye-watering £10million within three years of being freed from prison in 2005.

    He now owns a lavish detached home in the countryside and an impressive art collection, which boasts a possible Turner Prize winner and a Picasso sketch of a bull among other works.

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    He even wanted to buy a desk owned by Charles Dickens but was met with pushback when a trust fund set up to take care of his winnings wouldn't release the cash.

    But a source close to the case told the Mirror he only collects the impressive antiques to become even richer.

    "Hoare collects for one reason only – to make more money," the source said.

    "He will spend tens of thousands on new sculptors and artists but he only does it so he can sell them at a later date.

    "He never gives a penny to charity and moans about his fund, the tax man, and the two other people who shared the jackpot the night he won. He kept saying 'They robbed me'."

    Hoare is also thought to have made about £300,000 a year on the offices he bought, which were rented by Devon County Council in 2008.

    Bradninch Hall in Exeter also had 45 parking spaces, for which he earned an estimated £100,000 a year, while his property portfolio made him about £250,000 a year.

    Hoare was jailed in 1973 for one rape, three attempted rapes and two indecent assaults, and he was sentenced to 18 years in Shepton Mallet jail, Somerset.

    But he was only freed in 2005 and his lawyers claimed he spent longer than necessary in prison.

    The Home Office told the Mirror that serious offenders like Hoare are subject to strict rules about where they can travel and who they can contact while on licence.

    When contacted for comment about his legal case, Hoare said: “I have nothing to say. I’m not saying owt.”

    A Ministry of Justice spokesperson stressed all offenders released on licence are subject to strict conditions, stating: "They will be recalled to prison if they break the rules."

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