Lottery tragedy as dad dies from broken neck leaving daughter to collect big win

A daughter will collect her dad's share of the £7.9m Postcode Lottery jackpot after he tragically died before he could find out his win.

Andrew Gillon, 59, sadly passed away during surgery on January 7 in Glasgow after he fell down the stairs and broke his neck at a friend's house on New Year's Day.

The tragic granddad died unexpectedly during an operation in a bid for doctors to take pressure off the break.

His daughter Lisa Thomas, 32, said the family have been struggling to come to terms with what happened.

Lisa was shocked to discover that her dad had been sent one of the golden envelopes along with the rest of the players on his former street.

The mum-of-three says the lottery ticket feels like one last gift from her dad.

Speaking to the Daily Record, she said: "I found out dad had won via his friend and neighbour.

"I thought there was no way he could have as I had blocked his bank account, so I presumed no payments would have been taken.

"My dad's played Postcode Lottery for as many years as I can remember.

"When I got it confirmed, I felt absolutely devastated at first."

Lisa said that she could imagine her dad's excited call and that she'd known he would have used the winnings to book the family a holiday.

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"Now I still feel sad that he's not here to enjoy this with us, but I also feel some excitement for him and I'm sure he has had something to do with this," she continued.

"There's been so many 'signs' since he left us and I'm certain he is watching saying 'I told you so'."

Lisa recalls joking with her dad at Christmas because the first card he received was from the Postcode Lottery.

She added: "I was laughing at him for his first Christmas card being from them.

"All I remember him saying is, 'well you won't be laughing when I win!' and he was right I wasn't laughing, I was crying."

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