Londoners protest renaming of ‘offensive’ street name which cost £186K to change

A London street has been renamed following claims it is ‘offensive’, but some residents aren’t happy about it.

Haringey Council made the decision to change the ‘racist’ street name following the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020.

At a cost of £186,000, Black Boy Lane in Haringey was renamed La Rose Lane after the black poet, publisher and activist John La Rose.

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Mr La Rose’s grandson Renaldo La Rose called the name change a "beautiful thing".

But others have slammed the change as a "performative display of virtuousness" and a "futile gesture", as reports BBC.

Especially as the new street sign still features the previous name – which the council has said is part of a year-long ‘transition period’.

Some locals are protesting the change by placing replica ‘Black Boy Lane’ street signs in their windows and on their houses.

Yesterday, journalist Olivia Opara tweeted photos of the signs, along with the caption: “Residents on Black Boy Lane have put signs of the road name, seemingly in protest to the name change today.”

She added that she attempted to speak with several of the homeowners protesting but to no avail.

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Leader of Haringey Council Peray Ahmet told ITV : "The idea [to change the name] first came in 2020 as a result of the Black Lives Matter movement.

"It was a series of residents, my predecessor and councillors who felt like it was time for change and Black Boy Lane was always seen as an offensive name by many.

"So it was felt that it was time for a change, so we have done it.

"Our officers have been on site here and there is a community centre just down the road. And we are offering a compensation package of a few hundred pounds for each resident affected so they can use that for the necessary changes."

The house numbers and postcode have not been affected by the street name change.

The Daily Star contacted Haringey Council about the protests.

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