London dominates latest list of most expensive streets to live on in Britain

It's never been a secret that house prices in London are nothing short of eye-watering. However the latest data in Zoopla's Rich List, which breaks down the most expensive areas to live in the UK, will have your eyes not just watering but out on stalks.

Coming in at number one is Kensington Palace Gardens, situated directly adjacent to the west side of Hyde Park where house prices are currently averaging at £32.5 million.

The street, which comes complete with gates and guards at both ends, is home to some of the richest names on the planet.

They include Chelsea FC owner Roman Abramovich, the heiress to Formula1 Tamara Ecclestone, embassies, ambassadors, China's richest man Wang Jialin, and The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, whose address at Kensington Palace comes under Palace Gardens.

As of June 2021 the Government reported that the average UK house price came was £265,668, meaning that Kensington Palace Gardens came in a whopping 120 times over the national average for bricks and mortar.

Coming in at number two is the relatively affordable Courtenay Avenue, Highgate, which will on average set buyers back the paltry sum of just £20.5 million per house, a mere 77 times more than the national mean.

The third place goes to Belgravia's Grosvenor Crescent in London, averaging £17.9 million per property.

Unsurprisingly, of the 20 most expensive streets to live on in the UK, all are in London.

Placing 20th is Mulberry Walk, Chelsea, where average prices come in an eye-watering 33 times the national average, at £8.7 million.

Outside of London, the most expensive street is Titlarks Hill, Ascot, at £8.2 per property. This is followed by Montrose Gardens, Leatherhead, at £6.9 million and Portnall Rise, Virginia Water, at 6.4 million.

Surrey cleared up eight of the top 10 non-London streets, with five out of the 10 coming from Virginia Waters alone; all 10 are within commuting distance to London. Meanwhile, nine streets in Wales had average house prices over £1 million.

Looking beyond England, the costliest street in Scotland is Whitehouse Terrace, Edinburgh, coming in at £3.5 million. Of the top 10 Scottish streets, 7 are in Edinburgh.

Wales' most expensive street was Llys Helyg Drive, Llandudno, with an average house price of £1.4 million, roughly 23 times less than the average of Kensington Palace Gardens.

Gráinne Gilmore, head of Research at Zoopla, said, "This data illustrates how the type and size of properties coupled with some of the most desirable locations around the country creates prime areas, resulting in these most valuable residential streets in the country.

"London comes top among the UK’s prime markets, but the wider commuter zone in the South East is also home to some of the highest-value addresses, reflecting the size and type of housing stock in these regions."

All data is correct to October 6th, 2021 from Zoopla.

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