Liz Truss calls Queen disgraceful in throwback clip thats back to haunt her

A throwback clip shows Britain's new leader dissing the monarchy as "disgraceful".

Prime Minister Liz Truss was filmed in 1994 during her time at university sharing her views on Britain's system of hereditary rule, and the clip has since been heavily shared on the day she met the Queen – awkward!

"I'm not against any of them personally, I'm against the idea that people can be born to rule, that people, because of the family they're born into, should be able to be the head of state of our country," Liz Truss, then aged 19, told the cameras.

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"I think that's disgraceful."

The clip, shared on Twitter by ITV News, gained a plethora of reactions on social media just as the new PM came face to face with the Queen at Balmoral where she was asked to form a government.

Truss is the 15th Prime Minister to govern during Her Majesty's impressive 70-year reign.

During her time as a member of the Liberal Democrats, Truss also gave a conference speech in the same year where she supported a motion calling for the UK to become a republic.

"We do not believe that people should be born to rule or that they should put up and shut up about decisions that affect their everyday lives," she told delegates.

Truss also flipped a statement by then Lib Dem leader Paddy Ashdown who said everyone should "have the chance to be somebody".

She said: "But only one family can provide the head of the state. We Liberal Democrats believe in opportunity for all. We do not believe people are born to rule."

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The latest clip prompted reaction online, with one commentator writing: "I’d like to think people are allowed to change their views on things without being castigated for the rest of their lives."

Another added: "Everyone is entitled to change their minds but it is ‘strange’ how often she changes her views on what are extremely profound issues," and shared a picture containing a quote from the current PM supporting EU membership.

Former anti-Brexit campaigner Truss has U-turned on issues before.

During the Brexit referendum she said: "I don't want my daughters to grow up in a world where they need a visa or permit to work in Europe, or where they are hampered from growing a business because of extortionate call costs and barriers to trade.

"Every parent wants their children to grow up in a healthy environment with clean water, fresh air and thriving natural wonders. Being part of the EU helps protect these precious resources and spaces."

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But in 2017 she claimed she would vote for Brexit if another referendum were held.

The flip-flopping PM said: "I believed there would be massive economic problems but those haven't come to pass and I've also seen the opportunities."

She later said of her choice to back the Remain campaign: "I was wrong and I am prepared to admit I was wrong."

The PM was a member of the Lib Dems before joining the Tory Party in 1996.

In an address to the nation today, the new Prime Minister promised "spades in the ground" in a bid to help the nation with the rising cost of living.

She said: "As strong as the storm may be, the British people are stronger."

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