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I fear for grandchildren in these times of hate

Re: “Asian Americans suffering racist attacks,” March 3 news story

I always believed that America was a melting pot of immigrants from countries all over the globe. I now question that belief after seeing that Asians are now the target of hate crimes. I am a white woman with two beautiful Asian granddaughters and an Asian son. This is very personal to me and very scary.

The prejudices were always there, but former President Donald Trump invited the white supremacists to storm our nation’s Capitol. I am writing this with much sadness and fear for what America is today. Far too many people still believe the “big lie” and all the other 30,000 lies of Trump.

I am grateful today that PresidentJoe Biden has brought us back into the Paris Accord and is trying to repair the damage Trump has done in these last four years. I believe it is the very young people who will bring us back into a nation of “liberty and justice for all.”

We are privileged to live in a beautiful part of the country and, in so many ways, isolated from the problems of racial divide. I am grateful to have lived in Hawaii 22 years of my adult life and to have the opportunity to love and appreciate folks of all color and backgrounds.

If only we could come from the “love of our fellow man” and not the fear and hatred that Trump stoked the last four years.

Linda Carr, Eagle

Remember that golden calf?

Re: “Trump the dominant force at event,” Feb. 28 news story

The picture of the kitschy Trump statue in Sunday’s paper immediately brought to mind some biblical references. Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) attendees should remember that worshipers of golden idols and false gods came to a bad end.

Bill Goodwin, Powderhorn

Freedom in Florida

Hello from the free state of Florida. I’ve been wintering here since early January. You can feel the freedom here when you step off the plane at Tampa International. All businesses are open, kids are in school and people wear masks inside. At 67, I received both vaccination shots. It took about 30 minutes, including a 15-minute wait time. You don’t need to take people’s freedom to be safe. Only Democrats feel compelled to make people afraid of living. Glad I have this opportunity to enjoy freedom again.

Jack Inderwish, Palm Harbor, Fla. (Aurora)

Who should have won

I think we can all agree that the election of 2020 was rigged. If not for gerrymandering, voter suppression and dark money PACs, progressives would have won most races in a landslide.

Jimi Bernath, Englewood

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