Lad’s penis ransomed for £700 after digital chastity belt locked by hackers

A man had his penis held to ransom for more than £700 after hackers locked a digital chastity belt he was wearing.

Sam Summers had been wearing a Qiui Cellmate chastity cage, which connects to the internet, when he received a strange message on the product's app on his phone.

Someone said they had taken control of the chastity belt and that they wanted around $1,000 (£729) in Bitcoin to give him back control of the device.

"Initially, I thought it was my partner doing that. It sounds silly, but I got a bit excited by it," Sam Summers told VICE.

But when Same called his partner and told her their safe word, he was shocked to find out it wasn't her.

That's when he realised, to his utter horror, that he had been hacked.

His penis was locked in the cage, and he had no way to get it out because the belt has no manual override.

"Oh, s**t, it's real," Sam said. "I started looking at the thing.

"There's no manual override at all. It's a chastity belt, I guess it kind of shouldn't have an override.

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"But when it's a digital thing like that, it should have a key or something. But it obviously didn't.

"I started freaking out a bit. I was just panicking at this point."

Last year, security researchers warned that the manufacturer of the chastity cage left an exposed and vulnerable API, which could allow hackers to take control of the devices.

The product listing on the company's website states: "QIUI believes that a true chastity experience is one that does not allow the wearer to have any control over."

Desperate, Sam sent the hackers the money they had demanded to unlock the cage, but even after paying them they refused to do so.

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He was forced to try and open the device himself and went and bought a pair of bolt cutters.

He used them to cut open the cage, but way he was holding his penis put it "in a dangerous spot," he said, so it was "very scary."

Despite operating carefully, Sam cut himself so badly he and his partner couldn't have sex for a month.

"I don't have a scar or anything but I was bleeding and it f*****g hurt," Sam said.

He now says he won't be using any similar devices which connect to the internet ever again.

Sam said: "If you're into it, that's fine, because you're into what you're into," he added. "But use a lock, a physical lock in case. These digital things, you cannot trust them.

"A stranger coming into that world that's supposed to be just you and you and your partner, or you and someone else.

"And they are there without your consent. They're doing that to you, and there's nothing you can do about it."

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