Kim Jong-un’s 260-ft floating amusement park with waterslides spotted on beach

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s “floating amusement park” was spotted at his coastal beach mansion last week, satellite imagery revealed.

The 260ft vessel reportedly features a multi-floor indoor lounge, dual twisting waterslides and an Olympic-sized swimming pool.

It appeared at Kim's private Wonsan beach between February 8 and 9 before returned to its usual parking spot nearby in the city’s central bay by February 11th, Planet Labs imagery shows.

The vessel's activity comes at a time when the leader was out of the public eye, between appearances at a concert at the beginning of the month and at a speech at a construction site on February 12.

The activity of the luxury vessel also comes just days after the premier mentioned “mounting economic hardships" suffered by normal North Koreans.

Last week’s appearance was its third confirmed visit at his Wonsan mansion in the last year, according to North Korea News, who also stated that his family or trusted associates have used the boat more frequently since it received upgrades in summer 2020.

Kim has at least three other custom luxury vessels in Wonsan.

North Korea's secretive elite citizens recently had their lifestyle of luxury revealed after Google Maps tagged their mansions where they reportedly keep their Cognac, European cars and wads of cash.

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The average North Korean earns just £1,200 but the super rich hoard expensive items in the communist dictatorship.

It was reported that Jong-un had built a secluded villa in 2020 at the southern tip of the Hodo peninsula, where Google Maps showed his £5.2million Princess yacht moored up in 2013.

Speaking to The Sun, a US-based expert on North Korea, Michael Madden, said: "This is the same residential compound that Dennis Rodman visited during one of his visits to the country.

"Some sources claim that the Wonsan compound is Kim Jong-un's primary residence.

"That is to say, he has an official residence in Pyongyang (North Korea's capital city), but spends much of his time in the Wonsan residence."

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