Kim Jong-un dead? North Korea removes tyrants emblem despite insisting he lives

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The representation of Kim made-up of a marshal’s star and wreath has mysteriously vanished from television screens. It disappeared from multiple shows about the dictator and was covered up in a segment that airs daily on Korean Central Television, as reported by NK News.

In a 15 minute video on new year propaganda slogans, the symbol was also covered up.

The video in question was reportedly edited sometime between February 19 and 19, according to NK News.

Removing the emblem could be related to constitutional changes last year that nixed the term “Supreme Commander”.

Many rumours have swirled about the leader’s whereabouts, which remains a guarded secret.

A few weeks ago there were rumours the dictator was seriously ill or had died following heart surgery.

However, Kim silenced the rumours be appearing at the opening of a fertiliser factory.

But sceptics questioned whether it really the supreme leader or a body double who appeared at the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Experts claim they saw clear differences between the photos of Kim at the event and images of him in the past.

After the ceremony, it appears that Kim has once more gone missing, with no sighting of him in nearly two weeks leading to more questions.

Latest analysis has shown that the tyrant is back at his Wonsan retreat, as satellite images show two boats that were parked at the villa’s beach and central Wonsan docks have swapped places.

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The largest of the boats houses an Olympic-sized swimming pool and waterslides.

Images from Planet Labs show that the boat is back in the repair dock, indicating that it might be undergoing an upgrade.

From April until last week a 55-metre leisure boat with a green covered area in the centre was parked at the Wonsan villa.

Then these two boats switched places after Kim appeared to have returned from Sunchon where he opened the fertiliser factory.

As of May 13, the 60-meter boat is still parked outside the villa.

According to NK Pro, this could prove that Kim is now in Wonsan, or could be heading there in the near future.

In the Sino-North Korean border region whispers about the supreme leader’s health continue.

Kim is a chain smoker whose ill health has allegedly caused him to collapse on walks in the past.

The leader was recently seen smiling with a cigarette in his mouth as he attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

He is known to live an unhealthy lifestyle, eating high-fat foods including cheese and washing them down with expensive wines.

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