Kate missed statue unveiling so Meghan didnt look bad, royal watcher suggests

Kate Middleton's absence from the unveiling of the Princess Diana statue today (July 1) could be so she did not make Meghan Markle look bad, royal watchers have speculated.

The Duchess of Sussex understandably chose not to travel to the UK having only recently given birth to Lilibet Diana.

But, had Kate been present, it may still have attracted unwanted headlines according to the hosts of Us Weekly's podcast Royally Us.

Molly Mulshine and Joe Drake spoke about how the Duchess of Cambridge was seen as a "peacemaker" between the two brothers at Prince Philip's funeral in April.

Molly said: "That's what also makes me confused about why Kate is not going to be there.

"I wonder if it's because they don't want her to be getting the credit of bringing them back together, because that then makes Meghan look bad in a way.

"I wonder what the conversation is behind the scenes because that was the prevailing story after the funeral."

Joe added he felt "Kate would be the perfect person to bring them together".

The duchesses' supposed rivalry has dragged on since Meghan first joined the Royal Family.

Reports previously claimed Meghan made Kate cry before her wedding to Harry in 2018.

Yet the former actress alleged to Oprah Winfrey in March that it had actually been the other way round and she was left in tears.

At the Diana statue unveiling today, all eyes were on William and Harry – whose supposed fallout in recent years has been well publicised.

But, according to body language expert Judi James, they appeared relaxed in each other's company.

They even shared a "poignant moment" that could hint at a chance of reconciliation in the future, she told this site.

Royal expert Katie Nicholl agreed the pair looked at ease with each other. However, she told True Royalty TV that "cracks" in their relationship still remain.

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