Kate Middleton ‘should be next Queen’ and is ‘best thing to happen to Royals’

Kate Middleton is the "best thing to happen to the Royal family" and has the "touch of Princess Diana", according to the uncle.

Gary Goldsmith thinks she should be Queen sooner rather than later as he praised the way she acted as peacemaker between Prince William and Prince Harry at Prince Philip's funeral.

As the 10th anniversary of Kate and William's wedding approaches, he said she has "taken to the job like a duck to water" and "emerged as the best thing that could have happened to the Royal family".

He told the Daily Mail: "She's their biggest asset at the moment. She was a breath of fresh air then and she hasn't put a foot wrong since!

"Obviously I'm biased. I'm her uncle.

"I love her dearly and I've known her since the day she was born, but I genuinely think she's an exceptional person doing a brilliant job, and recent events have only served to highlight that."

Gary, who attended the 2011 wedding at Westminster Abbey, called for Kate to become Queen sooner rather than later.

The Duchess of Cambridge was praised for helping the beginning of a reconciliation between William and Harry at Philip's funeral, with tensions still showing after Megxit and the bombshell Oprah Winfrey interview.

Gary even suggested the Queen could "step aside" to allow William and Kate to reign, bypassing Prince Charles and Camilla.

He said: "She doesn't just look the part, she's living the part. She acts like you'd want a royal to behave.

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"She has that poise of the public servant, yet she also has the common touch – or the Diana touch, as I think of it.

"It's a difficult balance, being someone people can identify with but also look up to, but she's got it.

"I think she's the Queen's protégée. Obviously, I'm a massive fan of the Queen and it's amazing that her reign has been the longest in history, but wouldn't it be great if William and Kate had the opportunity to have perhaps an even longer reign?

"We are in an era of change for the Royal Family. It has been a bit of a rollercoaster, and if Her Majesty was to step aside, it's my opinion William and Kate would give the whole country stability."

Gary added that he was "livid" when he watched the Oprah interview, where Meghan claimed Kate made her cry in a row over bridesmaid dresses.

He claims there is "no way" his niece would do that and "doesn't believe a word of it".

He also branded the Duke and Duchess of Sussex "muppets".

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