Joe Biden savaged for breaking unspoken US politics rule at NATO summit Shambolic!

Joe Biden 'disgraced' US at NATO summit says expert

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President Joe Biden has been blasted for speaking about US domestic issues at the NATO summit in Brussels. Sebastien Gorka, a former advisor to Donald Trump, has lashed out at the US President following the emergency summit during which Mr Biden addressed the press on Russia, Ukraine as well as domestic US politics. 

Mr Gorka told GB News: “Just before he went into domestic politics we have a rule here on both sides of the aisle.

“As soon as you leave US territory, you don’t talk domestic politics.

“You just don’t do it at, a NATO summit beyond unseemly.”

He added: “This man is a danger.

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“He’s not only seen that he is 25 feet every hour of the day from the nuclear football that controls our nuclear weapons.”

It comes as President Biden said on Thursday that if Russia were to use chemical weapons in its invasion of Ukraine, the United States would respond.

“We would respond, we would respond if he uses it. The nature of the response would depend on the nature of the use,” Mr Biden said at a news conference in Brussels.

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said in Brussels on Thursday that there are ongoing concerns Russia may be trying to create a pretext for its own actions by accusing Ukraine and its allies of using chemical weapons. Echoing U.S. officials, he said the accusations are a pretext for Russia to do the same.

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White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan told reporters on Tuesday that President Joe Biden, in Brussels for urgent talks with NATO and European leaders, would discuss the possible use of nuclear weapons by Russia.

State Department spokesperson Ned Price told reporters on Wednesday that Biden would also discuss chemical and biological weapons with the allies.

“We’ve tried to be very clear about the gravity of the use of any such chemical weapons. These are agents that should never be employed, and certainly not on the battlefield, as we are concerned Russia might,” he said.

Following the emergency summit of alliance leaders in Brussels, Mr Biden said Vladimir Putin had miscalculated on its response.


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“Putin was banking on Nato being split. It was clear to me that he didn’t think we could sustain this cohesion,” he said.

“Nato has never, never been more united. Putin is getting exactly the opposite of (what) he intended to have as a consequence of going into Ukraine.”

Mr Biden, who has previously warned that Russia could use chemical weapons, said there would be a response if that happened.

“We would respond. We would respond if he uses it. The nature of the response would depend on the nature of the use,” he said.

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