Jaw-dropping moment fishermen accidentally reel in two-metre crocodile

This is the amazing moment fishermen accidentally caught a two-meter crocodile – before bravely trying to free it by placing their hands inches away from its teeth.

Ren Pederson was fishing with a pal on Black River in Townsville, Queensland, Australia when he realised he had snagged “something a little bit different”.

Jaw-dropping footage captured the moment the saltwater croc emerged from the water attached to the line.

“There he is,” one the angler exclaims as he starts to reel in the creature.

As it gets near to their boat, it starts to perform what looks like a “death roll” – when crocs perform a powerful and violent twisting to kill their prey and drag them underwater.

The pair wrestle with the creature for three minutes before they bravely try to free it.

One of the anglers can be seen trying to blindfold the croc before bringing his hand chillingly close to its mouth and freeing the line.

He then exclaims “yes” as it is finally released.

Speaking to 7News after the incident, Ren said: “We managed to subdue the thing, after it thrashed around the boat.

“We got our lure back without harming it, hopefully.

“I dare say there’ll be one crocodile keeping well away from boats in north Queensland over the coming months and years.”

The country’s Department of Environment and Science supported the claim the animal escaped unharmed but warned other fishermen to not handle crocodiles.

“Thankfully, it appears they were able to successfully free the small crocodile without having to handle it directly,” they said.

“People are reminded not to handle estuarine crocodiles of any size, as small crocodiles can inflict serious injuries when handled.

“People who entangle crocodiles of any size in fishing lines or nets, or discover an entangled crocodile, are urged to cut the line as short as possible where that can be done safely, and to contact DES wildlife officers via the QWildlife App.”

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