Italy introduces £2,500 fines for sneaky England football fans

In an effort to stop the Delta variant sweeping into Italy, the country has introduced quarantine measures and fines that will stop England fans from sneaking in to watch the quarter-final this weekend.

Italy has declared all entrants from the UK must quarantine for five days, a measure which makes it impossible for English tourists entering the country to get out in time for the match in Stadio Olimpico this Saturday.

The fines are in place for fans who attempt to sidestep the restrictions by entering through neighbouring European countries.

In conversation with The Sun, Undersecretary for the Italian Ministry of Health Andrea Costa said: "The rules are clear and concise – English fans will not be able to travel to Italy [for the game].

"There are currently five days of obligatory quarantine on arrival, so unless fans arrived before June 28 and completed quarantine, there is no point travelling to Rome.

"Those that do attempt it and are caught will be fined and punished."

As a result, all 2500 tickets previously available to English fans will no longer be sold to those living in England but instead will be allocated to English expats living in safe European countries.

Fans living in locations such a Cologne, Germany have rushed to bag these tickets which have suddenly become available.

Their entry into the country, and the entry of many citizens in the surrounding countries will be facilitated by the green zone scheme which allows travel between European countries where the virus is under control.

Similarly English expats in Dubai can also purchase tickets given last month's introduction of the bi-lateral travel corridor between the UAE and Italy last month.

These measures come amidst worries the sudden import of the Delta variant through English tourist could lead to a spike in infections akin to the rise that has occurred in the UK

Authorities may well be especially cautious after experts warned that Italy's initial high infection rate could be traced back to the decision to hold the Atalanta-Valencia match in Northern Italy which welcomed 40,000 fans.

It is thought that this football match amongst other large gatherings contributed to Italy's high mortality rate at the beginning of the pandemic.

Saturday's match, however, will run at a reduced capacity, making just 16,000 seats available, only 16% of which were reserved for English fans before restrictions came into place.

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