It is not just Poland! GB News Alastair Stewart explains why EU bloc is unravelling

EU member states 'questioning union' following Poland clash

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Poland’s row with the rest of the EU dominated this week’s summit of member-state leaders in Brussels. However, GB News’ host Alastair Stewart suggested that Poland “was not alone” in questioning Brussels’ creeping power-grab. He said “even Angela Merkel gets it” after the German Chancellor convinced other member-states not to punish Poland.

In her last summit as Chancellor, Ms Merkel faced down calls from Emmanuel Macron and other EU leaders to sanction Warsaw. 

The EU row erupted after a ruling by Poland’s highest court that some parts of EU law are incompatible with the Polish constitution.

EU case law rests on the principle the EU has supremacy over national laws.

This has prompted widespread suggestions of a ‘Polexit’ from the bloc.

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Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki went on the offensive this week, claiming that the EU was trying to “blackmail” Poland to back down.

The GB News host told viewers on Friday that it is not just Poland that is sending shockwaves through the EU.

Mr Stewart explained: “Poland is not alone. Constant twitches in the Netherlands.

“Significant chin-scratching in France, where even chief negotiator Michel Barnier, who fancies a shot at the presidency, says ‘We must address the questions the British asked of the EU in Brexit’.

Dutch MEP has 'sympathy' for Poland's challenge to EU supremacy

“Even more surprising than Barnier is Germany’s Angela Merkel.

“After all those years in office, Merkel finally gets it, or she finally has the guts to say it, as she prepares to leave office.”

He cited Ms Merkel, who at the summit this week said: “It’s the question of how the individual members envision the EU.”


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She continued: “Is it an ever closer union, or is it more about the nation-state?

And this is certainly not only an issue between Poland and the EU, but also in other member states.

“We have to find ways of coming back together.”

Mr Stewart added: “So, the EU must decide whether they want an ever-closer union, eventually a fully-fledged state in its own right, or resort to traditional nation-statehood.

“It’s the million euro question.”

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