Inside Hakeem Hussain house where neglected seven-year-old tragically died

A court has heard of the horror house where Hakeem Hussain was found dead aged just seven, with pictures showing the conditions and a makeshift drugs pipe used by his mother.

Images, which were shown before Coventry Crown Court, display how Hakeem's mum Laura Heath, 31, "used her seven-year-old son's asthma pump to smoke drugs" before he was found dead, the prosecution claims.

The jury was told of near freezing temperatures when Hakeem was found wearing only a top and pyjama bottoms, with Heath currently on trial for manslaughter.

Pictures have shown the clutter found in Heath and Hakeem's home, with rubbish all over the place and a blue inhaler fashioned to smoke drugs with.

Matthew Brook, prosecuting, said: "Blue inhalers with foil over them. Her use of asthma equipment to smoke drugs, you might think, is a metaphor for her neglect of Hakeem."

Prosecutors have argued that Heath's "first priority in life" was "sourcing heroin and crack" at the time of Hakeem's death.

The court heard Heath and Hakeem had moved to a new property just days before the youngster's death, with Heath going back and forth between two properties on Long Acre and a new home on Cook Street.

Chloe Cooper, a friend of Heath, had been "shocked" by the scenes inside the house, describing them to the court as "not clean" and smelling of "raw smoke".

Cooper carried Hakeem to the Long Acre property but found it to be worse than the Cook Street home.

Describing the Long Acre property, Cooper said: "It wasn't home at all for her or Hakeem. It was just bags and bags. As soon as you walked in. The kitchen was disgusting. The front room wasn't nice. It wasn't the way I knew Laura lived."

Cooper also alleges that Hakeem slept on the sofa as he didn't have a bedroom.

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One of Hakeem's primary school teachers, Neelam Kumari, told the court: "He (Hakeem) was neglected. Dirty, overgrown hair, dirty clothes. You could see from his hands he hadn't had a bath in I don't know how many days."

Kumari added that Hakeem's asthma was getting worse "day by day" and that he "was not very well looked after, physical health-wise."

Another teacher, Hannah Fennell, testified that Hakeem's jumper smelled of "stale urine".

A child protection meeting between Hakeem's teachers and his social worker took place just two days before the seven-year-old was found dead.

A panel decided that Hakeem wasn't at serious risk and shouldn't be removed from his mother's care after the school nurse warned that Hakeem was at risk of dying if he wasn't taken away from his mother, the court heard.

The trial continues.

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