Inside disgusting new build covered in mould that looks like horror movie

A man was stunned when he came across a "fairly new" apartment block and encountered scenes coming out of a horror movie.

Kenji went to the residential block in western Sydney, Australia and compared the site to "industrial wasteland".

He shared what he found on TikTok and said: "I risk my life to film this content, is this actually normal?

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"The air quality in there was bad."

Heading to the basement area right behind the tower blocks, the explorer said: "This is a modern building, it's farily new.

"You would think that the stairway down here we already can see is questionable, you are gonna get a real shock, a rude shock when you see the roof of this place.

"This is some horror movie."

Opening the door that is marked with a warning sign saying: "NOTICE: Offence relating to fire exits", he steps in and immediately saw brown marks that appear to be dry liquid on the wall.

"Now you would think that it's some industrial wasteland just coming through here," he describes.

"Look at that, it's already so disgusting."

Kenji pans the camera around, revealing a large patch of mould and green moss on the ground, which spread all the way down the stairs to a narrow hallway.

There is even a used needle left on the corner of the stairway.

The white-coloured wall has cracks on the surface while the "roof" is dripping mysterious brown liquid.

He continues: "Mouldy…how is this….it smells horrible. This is a building…yeah I know. Oh God, this bloody water.

"I swear I will never come down here again."

The paint on the wall come off in patches and Kenji finds rubbish and shattered glasses on the wet floor.

"Who signed off on this? This is absolutely rank," he asks his friend before they reach to the end where a pump room is.

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He knocks on the wall and realises it's not cement-built but wood panels.

Eagle-eyed viewers noticed the needle and told Kenji: "Was that a needle on the stairs?!"

Kenji replied: "Yep – I was surprised too (another viewer on here brought it to me attention). Thank goodness I didn't step on it."

Another commented: "We’re literally in a dystopian age like a real life Hunger Games."


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