Inside creepy abandoned hospital that closed after troubling abuse allegations

This terrifying abandoned hospital was first opened in 1897 as a sanatorium for sick patients with tuberculosis.

Forster Green Hospital in Belfast was the subject of controversy while it was open following many allegations of abuse of child patients between eight and fourteen years old.

Six nurses from Forster Green hospital and the close by Lissue House were accused of abuse.

A number of horrid allegations were also made against members of the security team.

In 2012, all of the services from the hospital were relocated to other locations – leaving the 42-acre site to decay.

Now the 'Urbexcr' group, who travel all across the UK venturing into interesting abandoned buildings, bravely went into the hospital to see what was left behind.

The pair said they decided to look inside “after reading about the paranormal activity” that went on there.

Photos shared on social media from the brave explorers show the eerie hotel rotting away on the inside.

Twisting foliage can be seen making its way in through the windows as light fittings hang precariously from the ceiling.

Wallpaper is peeling off most of the walls and rubble lays strewn across the mouldy corridors.

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Many of the walls and radiators have graffiti on them.

The front of the hospital has remained in fairly good condition, albeit in need of some gardening.

Speaking exclusively to the Daily Star, one of the explorers said: “It was a massive place, hard not to get lost.

“Actually couldn't wait to get out of this one cause it was extremely creepy.

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“The doors were blowing and slamming while we were walking around and it was so dark in some places you couldn't see your hand in front of your face.

“I'm glad we got to explore it but it's not one I'd like to do again in a hurry!”

Social media users have been reacting to the creepy snaps online.

“Nothing worth saving in this one, needs pulling down and the land used for housing,” wrote one person.

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Another said: “Empty hospitals are so creepy. Great pics.”

"I like the pictures but it breaks my heart when I see structures like that leave to rot," wrote a third.

"Sometime as well when you go to find out about these places they want to charge mega money, even though they know it's not worth the value."

The brave couple claimed they didn't experience any paranormal activity but did feel an extremely "eerie" feeling throughout.

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In one terrifying instance, they had to return back to a house they explored and call the police after noticing that one of their photos featured a human hand appearing from under the rubble.

The pair of explorers claimed they had an "eerie feeling" as they walked around the lost building for the first time.

Keeping the location of the house private to protect its anonymity, the pair of explorers documented how they found a weird array of dog cages, collars, water dishes and beds.

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