Inside abandoned house left decorated for Christmas with presents under the tree

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There is always something eerie when a home is left abandoned while reminders of its former residents are still protected in its walls.

Urban explorers often wonder what possibly happened to make time hit pause in these locations.

One mid-modern home appeared to be left abandoned by its owners before they were able to open their Christmas presents.

The Christmas tree was left decorated in golden ornaments with an angel dressed in red at the top.

Unopened presents were also left under the tree and are believed to have been left there for over a decade since the previous owner suddenly died.

Showcasing the home, in Birmingham, Alabama, Abandoned Southeast wrote in a Facebook post: "Christmas decorations are a common find in most abandoned houses.

"However, it is not often that you find a fully decorated Christmas tree with presents under it.

"This is one of those places that really have more questions than answers. Earlier this year, I was granted access to this amazing abandoned house.

"Built in the 1960s, this property was once a mid-century modern showpiece.

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"The household has the distinction of being the only house in Alabama like it and is monitored closely by neighbours."

The blogger behind the page, Leland told the Daily Star that the home is "full of history".

Reports say the property was constructed in the 1960s and designed by John Randal McDonald.

Its unique features include a partially flat roof, narrow hallways, no overhead ceiling lights, and the most prominent feature – a sunken hearth fireplace for close sitting.

Sweeping lines give the two-bedroom, two-bath 1,500-square-foot home a much larger feel.

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At the centre of the house, the children’s rooms are divided by a folding door that makes separate rooms for sleeping and opens into a large daytime play area.

The master bedroom had sliding doors to the porch on one side and a closet that was packed full of clothes even after being left abandoned.

A 1960s Chevrolet Corvair belonging to the previous owner has been left to rust in the trees.

The property was sold to investors earlier this year who have since renovated the property.

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