Identical cars with same number plate have people losing their minds

Identical cars with the exact same number plate parked on the same street have sent people into meltdown after they were snapped next to each other.

A resident on a street in Eastwood, Yorkshire, was alarmed when they noticed the odd sight.

John Gargett noticed two silver Mercedes Benz cars of identical model and colour parked along Hatherley Road with the exact same registration plates.

He told Yorkshire LIve: "Two cars parked across the street were on the same number plate front and rear.

"I reported this to 101. This was given a priority 8, and two PCSOs attended"

South Yorkshire Police confirmed they have "attended Hatherley Road, and spoken to the owner of both vehicles."

One of the two cars is said to have been used for spare parts, with the registration mistakenly being put on one of the vehicles, although it wasn't explained how this happened.

Since Yorkshire Live covered the story earlier this week, people were quick to share their thoughts. One person compared it to a "glitch in the matrix".

Matt Beck commented: "Glitch in the matrix…"

Another person was more concerned with the photo itself. Emily Stephenson said: "The worst part about this story is the bloke that took the picture has willingly enabled the Samsung watermark on the corner??? Who does that???"

Sharna Walker thought it was a clever move, although maybe not parking them next to each other: "I see a smart owner with two of the same cars. Tax/test and insure two for the price of one, genius.

"Although having them both together on the same street. Not so genius."

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