I went to A&E with flu and left with my limbs amputated after six-week coma

A dad who went to the hospital to deal with a “slight temperature” ended up having his leg and arm amputated after battling sepsis.

Junaid Ahmed, 35, is currently trying to raise £100,000 for a bionic arm through a GoFundMe page so he can hug his kids again after spending six weeks in an induced coma.

The married dad-of-two from east London had his right leg, left toes and left arm amputated after he collapsed in A&E when went in with a suspected flu.

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Junaid, a 35-year-old recruiter, said: "The last thing I remember is having something to eat with my wife as we waited to be seen.

"Waking up six weeks later was the biggest shock of my life.

"I was terrified and so confused.”

Doctors put the recruiter in an induced coma after finding out that a massive sepsis had caused his liver, heart and lungs to fail.

Doctors believe he caught sepsis after having a dodgy medical procedure done to his spine following a bout of back pain.

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Following this diagnosis, in September 2022 he underwent two four-hour-long amputation surgeries before spending another two months in University College London Hospital for rehabilitation.

He said he couldn’t have done his rehabilitation without the nurses at the centre:

"Every time I told the nurses there that I 'couldn't do it' they'd tell me that 'no wasn't an option'.

"It was the tough love that I needed, and after two weeks I saw a massive improvement in my strength.

"I kept thinking about my wife and kids and that kept me going."

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''I just wanted to live for my family, my kids and wife.

He has since returned home and is keen to get back to ''normal life'' as soon as possible, adding: "Life is different; my teeth have become my 'left' forearm and I used my left armpit to use shampoo but I'm on the mend.

"I can't wait to be able to hug them properly with my new arm.”

You can donate to Junaid’s GoFundMe pagehere.


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