I was attacked by two 13ft great white sharks at the same time – and survived

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A surfer who survived a double shark attack has shared his unforgettable experience how he escaped from the jaws of two 13ft great whites.

Shannon Ainslie, from South Africa, was only 15 years old when the incident happened in the summer of 2000 at Nahoon Reef.

He has re-watched the footage 21 years on from the terrifying attack and said: "The second shark ended up saving my life."

In the clip, Shannon is paddling on the water and about to get up on the surfing board for the next wave when two sharks emerge from the water. One on his left bites his hand and surfboard.

His legs are seen flying in the air before he is dragged underneath the water.

At the same time, a second shark moves in from his right but narrowly misses him.

The predators swim past him from behind and bump him, shoving him forward as he tries to get back on his board.

When the next wave comes, Shannon paddles all his way to reach the shore, where his brother and fellow surfers run to his aid.

They apply a quick fix-up to stop his finger bleeding and rush him to the nearest hospital.

In a new interview with The Guardian, he recalled: "It happened so quickly that I had no idea what was going on.

"One shark hit me with a lot of force, throwing me into the air; in a split second, it grabbed my hand and surfboard in its jaws, dragging me under the water with it.

"The shock numbed the pain of its bite. Under the water, another shark swiped for my head and my shoulder, but missed because the other had got me first."

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Shannon also recalled that one of the sharks came so close to him that he could see a huge set of teeth and a dark black eye.

Luckily the surgeons fixed his fingers and stitched up a wound on his arm.

He admitted the encounter changed his life, but his passion for surfing did not stop.

"After the attack, I started a surfing school in Jeffreys Bay and later relocated to Norway to teach the national surfing team," he added.

"I was more afraid of sharks before my attack. Now I'm just grateful to be alive."

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