I met cult leader Charles Manson in jail and he had people under his spell

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Jamie Morgan Kane has spent half his life locked up in brutal US prisons – rubbing shoulders with infamous figures like Charles Manson and Edmund Kemper.

The Brit lost his freedom after pleading guilty to first degree murder in 1984.

But Jamie, now 68, denies ever committing the crime and believes he was framed, claiming he returned to his American home to find a dead man – before disposing of the body.

He is now free after 34 years as a prisoner and his gritty new book, Behind The Granite Walls, goes into graphic detail about his time spent inside infamous US jails.

And one of the most disturbing revelations was his interactions with the Manson Family cult – particularly Charles Manson’s’ right hand man, Charles ‘Tex’ Watson.

Watson – along with Susan Atkins, Linda Kasabian and Patricia Krenwinkel – killed pregnant actress Sharon Tate at what became known as the Manson murder mansion in 1969.

Six others were also murdered by the Manson Family during the sickening two-day crime spree in LA.

But Jamie – born on the Isle of Man before being sent to a Canadian orphanage as a baby – claims Watson was given special privileges inside despite his atrocities.

Watson, who was denied parole for the 18th time last year, met Jamie at California Men's Colony prison and the pair knew each other for seven years.

Recalling what he was like, Jamie wrote in his new book: “He still gave off the air of charisma that allowed him to draw young girls to the Manson Family.

“Though, at this stage and place in his life, it was mostly young men he attracted who wanted to revel in his presence.

“I wasn’t any more impressed with him than I had been with Charles Mansion, who I had met and had dealings with at CMF – Vacaville.

“‘Tex’ and I had more than a few interactions over the seven years I was at CMC, because he lived right above me for nearly half that time.

“In building one, the third tier was designated the Honour Unit, and he had been housed there since the late 1970s.

“It was called the Honour Unit because inmates were allowed special privileges that the general population didn’t get, such as not being locked in their cells apart from the hours of 2am-5am, being able to take showers whenever and as often as they wanted, and, most important of all, they were single celled.

“They were always the first to be allowed to go to the canteen and the gym, either when films were being shown or a special event was happening like a music show or outside speakers.

“This ensured they got the best seats and often got to meet people from the outside (almost like having a backstage pass).”

When Jamie, who now lives in Ryton, Gateshead, was eventually transferred from the prison he was sat on the same bus as the ruthless Manson killer.

He also claimed Watson was someone he had “rubbed up the wrong way” during their seven years acquaintance.

Watson was given the death sentence in 1971 – later overturned to life after California abolished capital punishment.

While Manson died behind bars in 2017 – loyal follower ‘Tex’ has been denied parole 18 times and will be eligible for another hearing in four years.

Jamie meanwhile is rebuilding his life in the UK and earlier this year he finally got his birth registered – some 68 years after being sold as a baby.

Behind The Granite Walls, published by Mirror Books £8.99, is on sale now and can be bought on Amazon.

Jamie is also the author of 34 Years In Hell, another Mirror Books publication that goes into greater detail about his interactions with Charles Manson.

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