Husband of murdered Brit wife attacked in jail by inmate who wanted to kill him

The cowardly husband of Caroline Crouch is said to have been attacked in prison by an inmate who wanted to kill him.

Babis Anagnostopoulos, 34, was jailed for life after the brutal killing of 20-year-old wife Crouch, who he suffocated to death at their home in Greece last year.

Crouch had been horrifically tortured and was suffocated to death by Anagnostopoulos with a pillow in front of their at-the-time 11-month-old daughter, Lydia, in May last year.

The 34-year-old's lawyer has now revealed that Anganostopoulos, who was sentenced in May this year, was attacked in an Athens prison by a raging prisoner who had openly admitted to wanting to kill the cowardly killer.

Anganostopoulos had gone to extreme lengths in attempting to cover his tracks, making up a robbery, a fictional crime scene, releasing interviews to the media and even killing the family dog before police caught him out.

Lawyer for the 34-year-old killer, Alexandros Papaioannidis, has said that his client had a close shave with death after an inmate had openly admitted to wanting to murder the wife killer and had searched for him.

Papioannidis said: "Reports that he said 'I want to kill him. I came from another prison. I’ve been looking for him' are true."

The lawyer added that his client has since been moved from Athens' Korydallos prison to the Malandrinos jail located in central Greece.

Papioannidis, who is petitioning to have the 34-year-old pilot remain in the ultra-secure facility, has had his appeal refused.

The lawyer said: "He is very worried the new jail houses around 900 hardened criminals and is very hard, very tough."

Anganostopoulos' lawyer also stated that they are currently appealing the life sentence, which the 34-year-old received after a court rejected his claim that he had acted "in the heat of the moment" when murdering his wife, The Sun reported.

His lawyer said: "We have appealed the sentence in the hope that we can reduce the life sentence."

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