Husband lures pregnant wife to 1,000ft-high cliff before pushing her off

A man who led his pregnant wife up a cliff before pushing her to her death will spend the next 30 years behind bars.

Killer husband Hakan Aysal, 40, took wife Semra, 32, to the Butterfly Valley in Mugla, Turkey, and sent her tumbling off the edge of a 1000ft cliff in a bid to secure the money from her life insurance policy.

Aysal lured Semra, who was just two months away from giving birth to the couple's child at the time and afraid of heights, up the cliffs under the guise of wanting to take a selfie, the court heard.

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An investigation into the woman's death prompted a witness, Recep Sahin, to come forward with a video showing the moments leading up to Semra's tragic death, the Sun reports.

In the clip the pair can be seen holding hands and standing by a rock looking out onto the Mediterranean Sea before Aysal shoved his wife.

Sahin claimed he had seen Aysal acting strangely prior to the incident and had even predicted that one of them would fall off the cliff.

Taking the stand at a previous hearing, he told the court: "I stopped there to see the view of Kabak Bay with my family.

"My daughter was filming the view with my phone and the Aysal couple came down the slope at that moment.

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"We even joked, 'either this man will throw the woman off or the woman will throw the man'. There was no interaction between them."

Meanwhile, another witness seemed Aysal seemed strangely at peace after the tragic events.

He revealed: "I was driving there when I saw someone was waving at me, and I stopped.

"Hakan came and said his wife had fallen down the cliff. We immediately got out of the car and started looking for her, but we couldn't see where she would have landed from where we were.

"We tried to get closer to the edge for a better look. Hakan did not come with us down there.

"We stayed there until the gendarmerie arrived. Hakan was very carefree and calm. He was not acting like a man whose wife just had fallen off a cliff."

Further evidence against the killer mounted when Aysal took out loans in his late wife's name and attempted to claim personal accident insurance to the tune of more than £40,000, which was rejected when police began their investigation into Semra's death.

Semra's brother added that while his family was devastated by the loss, Aysal didn't seem to be as touched.

He said at a previous hearing: "When we went to the Forensic Medicine Institute to get the body, Hakan was sitting in the car.

"My family and I were destroyed, but Hakan did not even appear sad.

He added that he was surprised to hear that money had been borrowed in his sister's name.

"My sister was always against taking out loans," he said, "however, after she died, we learned that she had three loans taken by Hakan on behalf of my sister."

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Aysal has been sentenced to at least 30 years in jail for the murder but has made several attempts to challenge the verdict as well as a last-minute insanity plea, which was rejected by the Fethiye High Criminal Court after it was deemed his mental health had been intact at the time of the incident.


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