How to Use Up Those Leafy Green Herbs

Handfuls of parsley, mint, cilantro and dill add a healthy dose of green to crispy chicken and Mediterranean-ish meatballs.

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By Emily Weinstein

Last weekend, I made recipes from Naz Deravian’s Persian cookbook, “Bottom of the Pot,” which called for piles of emerald-green herbs and left me with extras in my fridge. I’ve been using them up by adding glorious fistfuls of chopped herbs to recipes that otherwise call for a quarter-cup here, a garnish there. Below, you’ll find five dinners that lend themselves particularly well to adding leafy herbs like parsley, cilantro, mint and dill.

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1. One-Pan Crispy Chicken and Chickpeas

Yossy Arefi’s speedy new recipe requires almost no chopping at all — which should give you the strength to chop up a few herbs to stir into that yogurt on the side, if you’d like. Mint, cilantro, dill or parsley would all be great.

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2. Salmon With Garlic Butter and Tomato Pasta

This recipe from Ali Slagle is smart multitasking: You broil the salmon and tomatoes on one pan, while you cook pasta in a skillet with garlic and butter. Toss the pasta with the sweet, juicy tomatoes, and there’s your dinner. Add lots of parsley and mint to the chopped basil to serve.

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3. Coconut-Caramel Braised Tofu

In this quick vegan meal from Kay Chun, tofu simmers in a sauce of coconut milk, miso, ginger and garlic, which reduces into a caramel sauce. Kay serves it scattered with scallions and squeezed with lime; basil and cilantro would make superb additions.

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4. Baked Chicken and Feta Meatballs

Yasmin Fahr’s Mediterranean-ish meatballs can cook side-by-side in the oven with a pan of asparagus, green beans or broccoli. But I’d eat them with rice, yogurt and a blizzard of herbs of all kinds, along with some arugula, too.

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5. Baghali Ghatogh (Fava Bean Stew)

Naz Deravian assures us that you can use frozen fava beans (rather than fresh) in this early-spring recipe from northern Iran, which is rich with dill and garlic, and usually served with rice. If frozen favas aren’t available, use canned butter beans or frozen lima beans. (I can’t in good faith recommend that you peel a heap of fresh fava beans on a Tuesday night, but if you’re up for it, they’re a delicious seasonal treat.)

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