How to see the Blue Moon tonight – as next one won’t appear until 2023

The phrase ‘once in a blue moon’ isn’t an entirely random saying.

It has its roots with an astronomical phenomenon which doesn’t take place very often.

And as 2020 hasn’t been a very traditional 12 months it seems only fitting that we will be treated to a legendary Blue Moon.

On Halloween of all evenings the night sky will be filled with a once in a blue moon sight to behold.

The moon won’t actually be blue tonight, but it will still be a rare sight.

A full moon occurs once every 29.53 days, meaning there are 12 cycles per 354 days.

That means the lunar year comes in 11 days shorter than an earth year, so we have “extra” full moons.

A "Blue Moon" is when there are two full moons in the same calendar month.

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After tonight, there won't be another "Blue Moon" until 31 August 2023, followed by 31 May 2026 and 31 December 2028.

There is another definition of "Blue Moon".

It can also be seen as the third full moon in an astronomical season (between a solstice and an equinox) of four full moons.

By this definition, the next "seasonal" Blue Moon will occur on 22 April 2021.

Tonight's Blue Moon follows on from the bright Hunters moon that took to the sky on October 1.

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