How serial killers died – from lying in excruciating pain to being murdered

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When the topic of serial killers is discussed we often think about their gruesome crimes and how they chose to end the lives of their victims.

But how did some of the most notorious killers in history die themselves?

Is there such a thing as karma where these evil monsters meet a horrific end just like those they killed?

Here, we take a look at exactly how these brutes took their final breaths.

Dennis Nilsen

Dennis Nilsen is one of Britain’s most vile serial killers who used to dismember his victims before stashing body parts in his flat for months.

Last year he was played by David Tennant in the ITV true-crime drama, Des.

Nilsen used to offer his male victims food or a place to stay at his creepy flat in North London.

There, he would strangle them unconscious before drowning them.

He was eventually found guilty of six counts of murder and two of attempted murder and was sentenced to life in prison.

And in 2018 he died slowly over two hours while in “excruciating pain” after serving 34 years behind bars.

A coroner confirmed he was suffering “excruciating stomach pain” and was found “lying in his own faeces, steadily deteriorating” after having an abdominal aortic aneurysm.

His cause of death was a pulmonary embolism and retroperitoneal haemorrhage, linked to the ruptured aneurysm.

Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy murdered more than 30 women and children in a sickening killing spree between 1974 and 1978.

He served nine years in Florida State prison before the state ordered him to die.

On the day of his death hundreds of people set up camp outside to celebrate. They drank beer while chanting for Bundy to burn.

He was given steak, eggs, hash browns and toast as a last meal but he refused to eat.

Eventually he was strapped into an electric chair.

His final words were: “I’d like to give my love to my family and friends.”

Describing his death, the LA Times reported: “A last thick strap was pulled across Bundy’s mouth and chin.

“The metal skullcap was bolted in place, its heavy black veil falling in front of the condemned man’s face. Barton gave the go-ahead.

“An anonymous executioner pushed the button. Two thousand volts surged through the wires. Bundy’s body tensed and his hands tightened into a clench. A tiny puff of smoke lifted from his right leg.”

His execution was 32 years ago on January 24 1989.

Jeffrey Dahmer

Jeffrey Dahmer was one of the most infamous serial killers in American history after killing 17 males.

He was known as ‘The Milwaukee Cannibal’ who murdered, dismembered and cannibalised his victims.

He cut the lives of men and boys short in the cruelest of ways between 1978 and 1991 and he kept skulls and genitals as trophies.

Later he was sentenced to life at Wisconsin’s Columbia Correctional Institution.

But karma came back to bite Dahmer after he met his own brutal death on November 28 1994.

Fellow inmate Christopher Scarver used a 10-inch metal bear to beat him.

He took his final breaths on his way to hospital.

Netflix has now announced a horror series Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story about the killer’s life and crimes.

He is played by Evan Peters and it is expected to be released next year.

Harold Shipman

Harold Shipman became known as Dr Death because he was responsible for more than 200 of them.

He abused his role as a doctor to inject some victims with a lethal dose of morphine before taking money from their savings.

Shipman was sentenced for 15 murders at Preston Crown Court at the turn of the century.

But on January 13 2004, just before his 58th birthday, he hanged himself.

Fred West

While his wife remains alive, Fred West has been dead for 26 years.

The couple’s old home in Gloucester was dubbed the House of Horrors and their victims included their eldest daughter, Heather, 16.

Fred was due to face trial for killing 12 people but proceedings never got that far.

The serial killer was on strict suicide watch but he still managed to hang himself in his cell.

He fatally asphyxiated himself at HM Prison Birmingham on January 1 1995.

Rose is still behind bars serving a life sentence for murdering 10 people.

Peter Sutcliffe

Peter Sutcliffe, AKA The Yorkshire Ripper, murdered 13 women in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

The warped killer claimed his killing spree was sparked after hearing the “voice of god” while working as a grave digger.

That moment inspired him to kickstart a mission to murder prostitutes.

He was eventually caught in 1981 after he was pulled over in a red light area of Sheffield.

But his health declined last year when he was treated in hospital after having a suspected heart attack.

Sutcliffe then tested positive for Covid-19 before he died in hospital after his lungs collapsed.

He was 74 and reportedly refused treatment for coronavirus.

Robert Black

Child killer Robert Black raped and murdered four young girls aged between 5 and 11.

The sicko stalked UK roads looking for victims and the children he killed were Susan Maxwell, 11, Caroline Hogg, five, Sarah Harper, 10 and Jennifer Cardy, nine.

His barbaric reign finally ended after cops caught him in 1990 with a bound and gagged girl, six, who was barely alive.

Black then took his final breath in 2016 while serving in Maghaberry prison in Northern Ireland.

His cause of death was heart disease.

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