How many lives do we have to lose? Ukraine MP savages NATO as Russia moves attacks West

Ukrainian MP: How many lives do we have to lose?

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Russia has been reported to have extended its shelling to the western Ukraine cities of Dnipro and Ivano-Frankivsk after previously focussing attacks on easter regions. Ukrainian MP  Inna Sovsun admitted to being “terrified” about the new range as millions of citizens evacuated to the West in hope of escaping Russia’s attacks. Ms Sovsun urged NATO and other Western allies to step up and help her country fight back against Vladimir Putin’s aggressiveness. 

Speaking to BBC Breakfast, the Ukrainian politician said: “The very fact he’s now started attacking Western cities in Ukraine…I’m sorry but I’m extremely terrified for the life of my son, who’s in Western Ukraine.

“And so many people have moved to Western Ukraine hoping that would be a safe spot, but it’s not.

“There’s not a single safe spot in Ukraine right now. And just waiting for the sanctions to kick in, well – how many lives do we have to lose before the West decides that’s enough?

“I think getting help to us now will help save millions of lives, at least thousands of lives.”


She continued: “At least the country because I’m terrified looking at the infrastructure.

“They’ve destroyed over 200 schools, hospitals with people in those hospitals.

“Even if we win this war with immense damage to the infrastructure and casualties, it will take us 10 years to rebuild the country.”

At least two people have died in the attack on Ivano-Frankivsk, which had not been attacked since the first day of the invasion on February 24.

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