Hot weather: How hot will it get this week across Britain? Spring finally set to arrive

BBC Weather forecasts cold front heading towards UK

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Winter will finally end in March, with both the meteorological and astronomical seasons starting this month. As the days extend and nights become brighter, people will have a reason to be cheerful during what has, so far, proven a stressful 2022. The first extended period of above-average temperatures is on the cards this week.

How hot will it get this week?

After a comparatively bleak start to the year that saw the Met Office hail three named storms before March, Britons will finally have some luck this week.

The week started with 13C highs today, and over the next few days, forecasters believe these will only increase.

By Wednesday, parts of the country will end up warmer than the capital of Italy.

According to the Met Office, Britons can expect balmy 19C highs on March 16, higher than Rome’s predicted 15C.

The drier conditions seen by those living in southern England earlier today will persist as well, at least into March 15.

By March 16, following a few limited showers, the sun should return, casting the highest temperatures of 2022 so far.

Weather into late March will remain much the same, settling into “mild or very mild” patterns.

From March 19 to March 28, the Met Office long-range forecast expects some seasonal bluster.

The forecast states “isolated mist and fog patches” will persist with breezes around the coast as high pressure dominates.

Windier conditions will likely cling to “southern and western areas”, it added.

The “south and east” will see the “sunniest weather” towards the end of the month.

When does spring officially start?

The welcome change to British weather has come at an expected time for forecasters, as their parameters for spring had the season start early this month.

Meteorologists split the seasons into four distinct groupings of three months each.

Spring is in the first group and lasts from March 1 to May 31 every year.

Astronomers, however, govern the seasons via the Earth’s tilt towards the sun.

By their reckoning, spring starts a few weeks later after the spring equinox.

In 2022, that first equinox comes towards the end of the month on March 20.

And summer comes just over three months later, following 2022’s first solstice on June 21.

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