Horror footage shows grunting pigs feasting on dead Russian soldiers in Ukraine

Horrifying new footage has emerged of pigs feasting on the rotting corpse of a Russian soldier in Ukraine.

A video posted to Telegram is said to show the grim carcass of one of Vladimir Putin’s troops being devoured by a hoard of the hungry animals.

Five pigs can be heard grunting in delight as they surround the body, shown dumped on charred ground with what appears to be a destroyed tractor in the background.

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One commentator joked: “This is why you should never eat pork.”

It’s not the first time Ukrainian soldiers have shared gruesome footage of their dead Russian enemies in a bid to hit their already dwindling morale.

Fighters regularly post clips to the infamous Cargo 200 Telegram channel, named after a reference to the military code word used in the Soviet Union meaning the transportation of military fatalities.

Last month, troops fighting against the invading military posted a sickening video to the channel of pigs gorging on a decaying body with the simple caption: "Pigs eat the Russian captain".

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Six animals were shown hard at work munching through what remains of the bones and flesh.

But it’s not just pigs who have been filmed hoovering up the rotting remains of Russians – even pet dogs and cats have got in on the action.

One disgusting video shared to Telegram showed a white and brown cat gnawing at the mangled remains of a soldier, identified by the channel as a Russian.

The horrific state of the dead soldier's flesh suggested that animals had been going at the corpse for some time.

Footage then pans left to show several more dead soldiers who have been laid out on stretchers – and shows that a small, beige dog is also picking at the remains.

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