Horrific death of Playboy Mansion playmate found naked after being shot in head

The promising career of a Playboy model came to a horrific end after 20-year-old Dorothy Stratten was found dead after being shot in the head by her estranged husband.

Stratten, 20, had been linked with American magazine publisher Hugh Hefner, who had high hopes for Stratten's career as an actress, after the star had joined up for a nude photoshoot with Playboy two years before her murder.

The hopeful actress had offered Playboy magazine a photoshoot in 1978 when she was just a teenager and soon began working at the infamous Playboy Mansion.

But high hopes for her career as an actress were ruined when estranged husband Paul Snider shot and killed Stratten in a sickening murder-suicide.

Stratten, real name Dorothy Ruth Hoogstraten, had been involved with club promoter and pimp Paul Snider, who had orchestrated the initial photoshoot that put Stratten at the heart of Playboy.

Pursuing a career with the American magazine, the 20-year-old was pushed into Hollywood features and alleged affairs with big-name directors that seemed to put strain on her marriage with Snider.

Hefner had warned Stratton that Snider had a "pimp-like quality", The Independent reported.

Snider and Stratten had married in June 1979, a year after Stratten had moved to Los Angeles to pursue her Playboy career.

Her career had been cut short, though, after a murder-suicide carried out by Snider on August 14, 1980, saw Stratten shot dead and Snider take his own life.

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The horrifying murder is said to have spawned out of Snider's jealousy over the relationship Stratton had with Peter Bogdanovich, a legendary American filmmaker responsible for Stratten's final film, They All Laughed.

Stratten's final role was a posthumous release, with Snider killing the 20-year-old before her career took off.

Snider murdered Stratten on August 14, 1980, purchasing a 12-gauge pump-action shotgun the day before and chillingly claiming he was "going to take up hunting," according to a Playboy magazine feature written by Richard Rhodes.

Stratten is said to have planned on meeting Snider to settle property claims for the pair, with those close to the model at the time advising her not to go anywhere near her estranged husband.

Among those warning her away from meeting with Snider were Hefner and Bogdanovich, Grunge reported.

Snider and Stratten were found dead by Snider's roommates after they had went to check on the pair.

They found the two lying dead and naked on the floor, and it was later reported that Snider had sexually assaulted Stratten before shooting her in the face with a shotgun and then turning the gun on himself.

Speaking to ABC News, Patti Laurman, the woman who discovered the pair, said: "It looked like it was a horror movie — a staged horror movie. That's a picture that never goes away, a mental picture that's stuck in here forever."

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