Horrible dog that left social workers face scarred for life to be put down

A 'horrible' dog who left a social worker with permanent scarring to her face has been ordered to be put to sleep by a court.

The court heard she quit her job and removed herself from the social workers' register.

The woman says she now barely goes out in public because of feeling self-conscious of the marks on her face.

The pet had previously jumped up on an 11-year-old boy but was muzzled at the time.

The social worker's nightmarish ordeal only ended when Orr and her dad became aware of what was happening and ordered the dog off, Chronicle Live reports.

The court heard that the victim suffered deep puncture wounds to her cheek, head and neck, which will require plastic surgery and leave permanent scars.

A court heard that the social worker was left so traumatised she was forced to quit her job and career of seven years.

Bruno, described by the kennel owner who had been temporarily housing him after the attack as "horrible", will now be put to sleep after magistrates deemed he was a danger to the public.

North Tyneside Magistrates' Court heard that the social worker attended a pre-planned appointment at an address in in South Shields on January 15 last year.

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She noticed a sign on the gate saying "Beware of the dog" but entered the garden anyway after not seeing the pet and presuming it was inside.

Rebecca Gibson, prosecuting, said Bruno then appeared and initially seemed friendly, so the victim, who was a dog-lover and owner herself, put her hand out to let it sniff her.

Reading from the woman's statement, Mrs Gibson continued: "It didn't growl and its tail was wagging.

"I began walking towards the house and the dog snacked at my right hand, catching the side and nipping it."

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The court heard that the victim was fearful but stayed calm and began to slowly back away.

Mrs Gibson continued: "Due to the shock, I stumbled and fell on the footpath. The dog then latched on to my left cheek.

"It made a growling noise as it held on to me and was not letting go.

"I was naturally trying to get away from the dog and move my face to make it get off me but the more I moved, the harder I could feel the dog biting.

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"It was not trying to move around but the bite was getting stronger."

The woman described after "what felt like forever", Orr and her dad appeared and called the dog off.

The pair called an ambulance but ended up driving the injured and traumatised social worker to a hospital themselves.

Orr has been banned from keeping dogs for 10 years and given a suspended prison sentence after she pleaded guilty to having a dog dangerously out of control causing injury.

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