Hilarious moment dog closing blinds on pal to stop her barking at window

A dog has been filmed pulling a prank on his pal and walking off before their owner found out.

Home security camera Ring shows Calcifer the longhaired Corgi jumping up to the sofa where his pal, a small white pooch, is barking excitedly as she catches attention of something moving outside the window.

He joins and takes a quick look at the window but does not seem to be interested.

Calcifer walkers over to the arm rest section and steps on a remote control, prompting the blinds to shut on the other dog.

The owners are left in stitches when they come out to the living room to find the dog barking at the closing blinds.

Calcifer jumps off the sofa and greets his owner, as if he had nothing to do with the blinds.

The owner, who believed his pet is making a complaint of the blinds, says: "You know you're closing it yourself, girl?"

But soon he realises the other dog is playing innocent, questioning: "Did you close it, Calcifer?"

The clip ends as the owners burst into laughter.

Viewers praised Calcifer a "smart dog" for putting the blame on his pal.

One said: "Wow that was a surprise! That poor dog had no idea she'd been framed."

Another wrote: "Smart dog. Walk away and play dumb, haha."

"The dog is like 'you're too noisy, stop barking'," a third added. "Then shut the blinds and act nothing happened."

This came after a playful dog being filmed taking himself for a walk while putting his tail in the mouth.

The canine has been running in circles to catch his tail and when he finally achieved his goal, he walked away in the awkward position.

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