Here we go again! UK braces for 40mph gusts as Atlantic front looms with barrage of rain

Weather: UK to face gales after sunny but cold weekend

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BBC Weather meteorologist Susan Powell noted sunshine will be in charge for most on Sunday but warned strong wind will also be a leading feature for the day. The UK has been recovering from a succession of three storms last week which unleashed gusts of up to 112mph in some areas. Ms Powell said the winds will introduce a new weather front coming in from the Atlantic, but she said there is currently no certainty about the zones to be most affected on weather maps at the moment.

Ms Powell said: “A lot of sunshine on offer across the UK today. If anything, a little more than we saw yesterday for the likes of Scotland and Northern Ireland.

“Yesterday we had a weather front which was draping thicker cloud across both these countries and bringing a little of rain.

“Today it looks like clearer skies will push back from the east, the high pressure just stalling this front and allowing eastern Scotland and the eastern side of Northern Ireland to see more in the way of brightness.

“For England and Wales, it’s a slightly chilly start, actually not quite as cold as yesterday but we’ll see a lot of sunshine from the get-go.”

She continued: “That cloud just pushes aways from the Northern and Western Isles through the afternoon and we see this front continuing to weaken across Northern Ireland.

“Quite a breezy day, particularly for the northwest of the UK. We could get gusts of up to 40mph across the northwest of Scotland but in the sunshine it should feel very spring-like.

“Temperatures perhaps academically a degree or so down on yesterday, highs of 9C to 11C. Then we need to look upstream for what’s heading in this evening and overnight.

“We’re going to get a more meaningful weather front working its way through the UK through the small hours of Monday.”

BBC Weather forecasts cold but settled conditions for the UK

The BBC Weather forecaster added: “That clouds up the sky, it’ll mean some rain around to start the new week. However, eastern counties of England just staying ahead of the weather front in the small hours of Monday, it may get cold enough for a touch of frost.

“Elsewhere a much milder start to the day, 6C to 7C. Thus front coming in from the Atlantic is not a straightforward beast, it’s waving.

“It just means it’s not an easy front for us to chart. It can stall, it can have heavier bursts of rain along its length.

“Monday it looks like it will be southern Scotland, northern England, Wales, and the southwest that will get the wettest day. 

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“Perhaps a little rain fringing into the east of Northern Ireland as well.

“Southeast England, East Anglia, the rain will be an evening and overnight feature.”

BBC Weather forecasters noted conditions are set to be changeable through the first week of March.

But there is an expectation the weather will remain “near seasonal” with some potential from strong winds across Scotland and Northern Ireland.

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