Hell breaks loose as axe-wielding thugs run rampant in troubled town

Horrific footage of axe-wielding thugs terrorising a remote town by having a vicious fight in broad daylight has shocked locals, who say that alcohol-fuelled violence in the area has skyrocketed this year.

The video, taken in Darwin, in the Northern Territory of Australia, shows a group of men and women running at each other while at least three men hold tomahawks on Friday (March 31) afternoon, The Australian reported.

The tense standoff between the men was luckily broken up by a bystander, who appeared to step in as children watched on, before the group was seen slowly dissipating.

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Local mum Afrodite Larentzou said she felt imprisoned when she witnessed the battle.

The single mother, who lives alone with her two young daughters, said she was deeply afraid of speaking out after witnessing what she says was an “attempted murder”.

She said: "I was terrified. They came out into the open streets in the middle of the day and tried to murder each other.

“Before I started filming, at least two men were on top of one man, and they had an axe up against his neck; I thought he was dead.

“I really thought they were killing someone, I’m surprised that nobody got killed."

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The attack came as locals fear that strict alcohol laws in nearby cities are causing crazed drinkers to go wild in their local areas.

Alcohol sale restrictions in nearby Alice Springs were enforced in late January, which included trialling alcohol-free days for takeaways and limiting the trading hours of liquor shops.

Darwin locals have expressed fears that people are being driven into their city as they chase more lenient laws.

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Local radio presenter Ben Fordham said several towns in the Northern Territory were being plagued by violent crimes in recent days, news.com.au reported.

“Sadly all hell has broken loose in the NT this weekend again,” he said.

“In Tennant Creek, vandals have gone on the rampage, breaking into buildings and smashing everything in sight. In Katherine, there is now a petition doing the rounds to introduce a curfew”.


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