Haunted hotspots where murdered spirits from royals to sailors awaken in Feb

If you've ever wanted to see a royal ghost then your best shot would be visiting some of the most active haunts in February.

Spooky spectres can be 'creatures of habit', and often ghosts will return to places important to them each year – especially if their life was cut short, leaving behind some unfinished business.

With that in mind, the Paranormal Database have a host of 'reoccurring supernatural events' involving spirits of the brutally murdered or sometimes their murderers.

Whether they were a monarch being killed in a horrific execution or an innocent bystander run down by a ship crashed into the shore by a jealous sailor, the Daily Star has taken a dive into some of the most haunted spots that reportedly take place across the UK in February.

Mary Queen of Scots – Fotheringhay Castle, Northamptonshire

One of the most famous ghosts on this list, it's said that Mary Queen of Scots can be seen haunting The Talbot Hotel.

The hotel contains the staircase from Fotheringay Castle, where Mary was executed. Once, a guest reported 'something' sat on their bed in the night, while others report seeing a gaunt face in the window or moving pictures.

It is believed the former monarch spent the final 20 years of her life after she was forced to abdicate from Scotland’s throne in 1567 and sentenced to death over a conspiracy to murder Queen Elizabeth I of England.

Mary's ghost can sometimes be seen descending the steps she walked down towards her execution.

Duke of Gloucester – Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk

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Humphrey of Lancaster, also known as the Duke of Gloucester, was an English prince from 1390 until he mysteriously died in 1447.

Humphrey was consistently popular with the citizens of London and the Commons and his marriage to Eleanor Cobham only seemed to make it worse.

Eleanor was arrested and tried for sorcery and heresy in 1441, and Humphrey retired from public life.

He himself was arrested on a charge of treason on 20, February 1447, only to die three days later.

It's said that a nun – Maude Carew – murdered him with poison, although this is disputed by some historians who believe he died o a stroke.

But regardless, the cursed 'Grey Lady' who was accused of causing his death is now said to manifest in St Mary's churchyard at 11pm on February 24 each year.

Clan MacDonald victims – Glencoe

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Clan MacDonald is a Highland Scottish clan and one of the largest Scottish clans.

But according to the database, some members of the clan were murdered by the enemy Clan Campbell in the general Glencoe area.

It's said that on February 13, the ghosts of the 38 family members return to the scene of the massacre.

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Spooky Scotland claims witnesses have seen ghostly shadows of the fugitive clansmen crouching among the crags.

Others have even claimed to see the massacre re-enacted or to have heard the cries of those who were killed.

Lady Lovibond victims – Goodwin Sands, Kent

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This haunting is said to occur every 50 years since February 1748.

Believers say that a jealous sailor ran the Lady Lovibond ship onto Goodwin Sands, wrecking the ship and killing everyone who sailed in her.

Though there were no reports of witnesses in 1998, it's said that the ship reenacts the wreck every 50 years on February 13.

If this is the case, the spirits of the victims on the ghostly ship are forced to relive their deaths over and over again.

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