Harrys eco-travel firm flops after sustainable scheme makes just £12k in 2021

Royal fans are urging Prince Harry to reconsider his career path after it emerged that his new 'eco-friendly' travel firm made a low profit this year.

The Duke of Sussex launched Travalyst in 2019 to promote 'sustainable travel' in partnership with Booking.com, Skyscanner, TripAdvisor and Visa.

The venture arrived after he came under criticism for the huge carbon footprint racked up by his and Meghan Markle's trips around the world in a private jet.

But details from their end-of-year accounts at Companies House show that closing balance for Travalyst Limited for 2021 is a paltry £11,538 — suggesting there has been little take-up of his ambitious scheme.

The sum came after the amount owed by debtors (£106,537) was added to the total cash at bank and in hand (£241,433), and then subtracting the amount owed to creditors for amounts falling due within one year (£336,432).

It also emerged that the firm owes nearly £336,432 as debt payoffs to creditors, according to TheNews.pk.

His travel company's woes have led some to suggest that he 'quits while he is ahead' and abandon the project.

Popular Twitter commentator Royally Blunt hit out at Harry on Thursday, writing in a post: “Oh but of course! We weren’t expecting anything more from Travalyst. He says it’s ‘Travel’ + ‘Catalyst’, I say it's 'Travel + A list.”

She recommended a radically different course of action instead in a later tweet where she claimed he "needs to stop fooling himself" and "drop the sustainable since he can't hack it, buy a couple of private jets & rent it out to A-list celebrities.”

Prince Harry has been passionate about climate change and working towards a more sustainable future over the past few years.

The Duke of Sussex and wife Meghan Markle have also donated to charities through their Archewell Foundation since leaving The Firm.

The Daily Star has approached Prince Harry's representatives for comment.

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