Harry told we dont use titles in US after promoting book as Duke of Sussex

Prince Harry has been criticised after including his royal title to promote his upcoming book.

He announced that he had been working on a memoir earlier this month, set to cover his life from childhood to the present day.

Harry said he had written it as “the man I have become”, signing off the statement with his Duke of Sussex title.

Us Weekly's royal commentator Molly Mulshine was baffled by the decision.

She told the Us Royally podcast: "He said that he is not writing this as a prince he is writing it as the man he had become.

"But he signed it Prince Harry Duchess of Sussex.

"It’s like you are in America now! We don't use the titles."

Co-host Joe Drake added: "People are having issues with that I think.

"There is a lot of this, not the prince I am but the man I am but then it is all over…the signature is Prince Harry."

Another royal expert believes Harry could expand on the “truth bombs” from his Oprah Winfrey interview in the book, set to be released in late 2022.

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He andMeghan Markleclaimed that a seniorroyalhad expressed concerns about the colour of Archie’s skin.

The Duchess of Sussex also alleged that she had been refused help after revealing she had been suffering from suicidal thoughts.

Royal expert Richard Kay wrote in theDaily Mail: “What can Harry offer, apart from a lot of score-settling with the media?

“In order to justify the vast sums that are being bandied around, it can only be one thing: the book will be a tell-all.

"He must therefore be prepared to expand on all the explosive ‘truth bombs’ he and Meghan detonated under the Royal Family with Oprah back in March.

“Might he name the family member who, according to the couple, made comments about the colour of their then unborn son Archie’s skin?

“He will surely have to offer an explanation for this most sensational of claims. Will he name the anonymous member of staff who appeared to airily dismiss Meghan’s worries about her mental welfare?”

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