Harry Potter characters imagined as Ukraine soldiers in AI military generation

In a crossover nobody asked for famous faces from Harry Potter have been put in the context of the brutal war in Ukraine.

Fighting in the besieged country has continued since February of last year, claiming the lives of at least tens of thousands.

The brutality of Russia’s unprovoked attack has sparked stark groundswells of support outside of Ukraine and great swathes of national pride within it.

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Now that appears to have taken on a new lease of life, as the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence posted on Twitter making a claim about characters wanting to sign up.

The post read: “There are many characters in the world of literature who dream of joining the #UAarmy – the side of good.”

The words were followed by a remarkable slideshow of famous faces from J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter franchise all dressed up in the military garbs of the Ukranian Armed Forces.

The AI-generated images from Caton.lab show Harry himself – trademark glasses and an expression of mild concern on his face – wearing the uniform of a rifleman with an assault rifle in hand.

Ron, with a gothic fringe and mud presumably from the exploits of glorious conquest on his face, also dons the uniform of an infantryman with the iconic yellow tape wrapped around his helmet to distinguish him from Russian troops.

And so it goes on – Dumbledore wears a dark beret and navy blue uniform and the Weasley brothers, their iconic shock red hair remarkably kempt despite the hardships one associates with the frontlines.

The project's overall message remains unclear, but the Ministry of Defence certainly didn't mention anyone from the franchise wanting to sign up for the Russian army.

The post comes after an eventful week in Ukraine and Russia that saw mystery militants cross into Russia and cause havoc in the Belgorod region.

Meanwhile, Russia's Wagner Group has finally secured the symbolic but strategically inconsequential city of Bakhmut after the longest and bloodiest battle of the war saw far.

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