Harry and Meghan will split in five years after rocky patch says Jeremy Kyle

Prince Harry will split from Meghan Markle and return to the UK permanently within five years, a critic has claimed.

TalkTV presenter Jeremy Kyle also said the Duchess of Sussex will remain in the US with the couple's two children when the alleged break-up happens.

The former ITV star said: "The only way Harry and Meghan can make money is by slagging off the only thing they say they don't want to be part of.

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"Within five years that Ginger Whinger will be back in the country with his tail between his legs, and Meghan Markle will be sat in California with two kids having everything she ever wanted."

The speculation comes after rumours Harry and Meghan had hit a "rocky and arduous" patch in their marriage.

The couple were recently forced to deny allegations that Harry was staying in a secret hotel room away from his wife, with a representative for the couple slamming the hearsay as "absolutely not true" in a rare public statement.

LA journalist Petronella Wyatt recently claimed Meghan had also been flying solo at some of California's most elite parties, leaving her husband at home.

Taking to Twitter, Wyatt said: "Friends of mine who live near them are always bumping into Meghan at parties these days.

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"She tends to leave Harry at home."

And commentator Daniela Elser recently said the couple's troubles had been a long time coming after getting married without ever living in the same country for long periods of time.

"It might only have been five years since their wedding and while I’m sure there have been high highs like the birth of their two children, by their own account it has been a rocky and arduous one for lots of time too," Elser wrote for news.com.au.

Elser added the pair had faced no shortage of difficulties after they tied the knot, including Meghan's 2020 miscarriage and their ongoing battle with the media.

She said: "[They] have both become estranged from their families, they have moved countries twice, moved house four times in just over a year, had another baby, gone to the barricades in taking on [a] 1000-year-old institution and had to suddenly start earning a hell of a lot of money and fast to keep the lights on."

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