Harry and Meghan played all their cards but King has not blinked once

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been accused of failing with their royal battle as King Charles has remained silent, according to one expert.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have made several high profile interviews, a Netflix series and Prince Harry's book.

However, all have seen members of the Royal Family stay silent.

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Royal expert Daniela Elser believes that Harry and Meghan have currently played “all of their cards” but King Charles continues to not react.

In the news.com.au column, Elser wrote: “ Charles has not made a single, solitary outward concession to his son and daughter-in-law. There have not been any apologies, any admissions that maybe the royal family could have done more or that they might have erred in the slightest.

“The House of Windsor has sailed through this storm and made it to the other side.

“And that leaves Harry and Meghan having played all of their cards and the King not having blinked once.”

King Charles has extended an olive branch in the form of an invitation to his coronation in May but Harry and Meghan are yet to publicly accept.

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Despite the bombshells, it is believed that King Charles wants his second son to be at the Westminster service.

It is still unknown whether Meghan and Harry will attend as it coincides with the birthday of their son Archie.

Elser believes that Meghan and Harry will continue with interviews on the Royal Family in the future.

However, she feels any fresh bombshells will have little effect on the public’s opinion of the royals.

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She continued: “Even if the self-exiled couple was to, say, pop up on Good Morning America to lob a fresh volley of their signature brand of ‘truth bombs’ at London, I reckon the public reaction would be something of a collective shrug. Like the boy who cried wolf, as the Duke and Duchess have reiterated very similar claims over and over and with each telling, audiences’ shock, anger and outrage has only faded more and more.

“At what point are they going to realise this is a game of fast diminishing returns for them?”

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