Happy Valentines Day Joe Biden shares the love despite surging tensions with Russia

Brandon Lewis grilled on delay in trade deal with Joe Biden

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One reporter asked: “Mr President, is the risk of a Russian invasion higher than ever?”

However, the 79-year-old US President simply responded with a cheerful: “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

He and his wife were returning to the White House which had been decorated especially for Valentine’s Day, with a heart cut out on the lawn flanked by cardboard cutouts of the Biden’s dog Commander and their cat Willow.

The message on the heart was taken from 1 Corinthians 13:13 which read: “Three things will last forever – faith, hope and love – and the greatest of these is love.”

The 46th US President is currently embroiled in talks with Boris Johnson over how to diplomatically resolve the crisis between Russia and Ukraine, over fears Russia is planning to invade this week.

There are an estimated over 100,000 Russian troops gathered on the border with Ukraine.

However, President Biden marked the romantic holiday and took to Twitter to express his love for his wife of 45 years.

He shared an old photo of the couple on the beach with the caption: “You’re the love of my life and the life of my love, Jilly.

“Happy Valentine’s Day.”

Many shared in celebrating the President’s love for his first lady.

Twitter user, @AngelaBelcamino, replied: “Nice to have authentic true love back in the White House.”

Meanwhile, Twitter user, @idahogal1006, wrote: “WOW. So great to see our POTUS is a real human with love for his wife.”

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However President Biden’s run in the White House has not been popular with everyone.

A new CNN poll revealed that one-third of Americans surveyed could not think of a single good thing Biden had done during his first year as president.

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