Gun-toting Ukrainian female politician vows to take out Putins evil forces

A Ukrainian MP, armed with a Kalashnikov rifle, has claimed Russian President Vladimir Putin 'only counted men' when he called his troops to war.

Politician Kira Rudik believes Vladimir Putin made a fatal miscalculation before invading the country on February 24.

The 36-year-old, like many other women, decided not to evacuate the country and take up arms to defend their homeland instead.

Speaking to the Sun from Kyiv, she said: "Like many Ukrainian women, I will defend my home, family, city and country.

“We will win this war shoulder to shoulder with our men. Women are part of the resistance the same way the men are.

“We say, when Putin decided to invade, he only calculated Ukrainian men. So he miscalculated because women are fighting as well.

“I am happy and proud that I can bear arms along with my fellows. This is how we will win.”

Despite her beliefs that Putin has his focus on the men of Ukraine, the ex-CEO of Ring Ukraine was named among Vladimir Putin's kill list.

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The president has told his enemies that “long arms” will reach them as they have nowhere to hide, according to a Russian intelligence officer.

However, Kira doesn't seem to be afraid of the target on her back as she added: "I know I’m on Putin’s hit list, but I’m also on many other lists.

“For example, I’m on the top ten Ukrainian bachelorettes list, so hopefully they even each other out.

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“I guess I’m safe while here in Kyiv. I’m not trying to be out on the streets too much.”

The news comes after boxing legends Wladimir and Vitali Klitschko have reportedly both been placed on Vladimir Putin's 'kill list' of 24 targets the Russian president wants dead following the invasion of Ukraine.

Russia invaded Ukraine last Thursday, and troops are now in northern districts of the capital Kyiv, where former heavyweight king Vitali is mayor.

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