Greece suffering worst heatwave in 30 years – temperatures to reach 48C

Greece heatwave: Wildfires leave areas scorched in Rhodes

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Sky News’ Michelle Clifford reported from Greek and reiterated the extreme weather conditions being experienced. She noted that Greece and its islands were suffering the hottest temperatures since a heatwave in 1987. She added that temperatures could be moving towards Europe’s current heat record of 48C.

Ms Clifford said: “There have been warnings to residents, certainly on the island of Rhodes, to watch out for the high temperatures.

“They say this is the worst heatwave in more than 30 years.

“The most devastating heatwave was back in 1987 where more than 1,500 people lost their lives.

“It is incredibly hot, it is 10 am in the morning here and it is already 30C.

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“They are warning that in some areas they have already hit 45C this week.

“The record in Europe was 48C and they say that in some areas temperatures could approach that.

“There is a lot of concern here.”

Ms Clifford also highlighted that other weather conditions were making the issue worse.

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She said: “Along with the dry conditions, we also have winds here in Rhodes.

“It is creating a toxic mix of spreading fires although, in Rhodes they do believe they have got the fires under control.

“Yesterday planes, helicopters and firefighters came to the island.

“We have been up here this morning and seen those helicopters dropping water.

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BBC Weather forecaster Matt Taylor has reported that the intense temperatures in the Mediterranean are expected to stay for the next few days. 

He did note that they would slowly be declining but would remain well above the average temperatures for the time of year.

Mr Taylor said: “The exceptional and dangerous heat across southeast Europe are above average.

“They are only slowly easing this week.”

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